Tutoring is a personal success story, it helps a struggling student and makes them proud of their success. Tutoring is a global success story, it is a $100bn industry.

We believe tutoring could be better. Moving tutoring online is moving tutoring into a controlled environment where we can guarantee both safety and quality. Online lessons require no travel time, opening new opportunities for distance learning, tutoring on demand and group classes. The same high quality service can be offered to students anywhere in the world.

An integrated platform can combine fast and secure communication with hosting of lesson content with progress management ... so we built one.

Our goal is to make tutoring better, and with such an ambitious goal we are very open with how we achieve it. We run our own tutoring services, which are active with paying customers, but we are delighted to work with other companies - providing our tutors and our technology for their use.

Our Service


Twute is our flagship service, connecting students around the world with the best tutors from the University of Cambridge.

Tuition is available for all high school subjects and for all major curricula.


Our Technology

The Twute Classroom is a teleport machine for tutors. With live video, teaching resources and an interactive whiteboard, it brings brilliant tutors to any student, anywhere. It works on all devices, without needing to be installed because it runs in the web browser. We support multiple students, remote access and video recording for convenience and safety.

We built the Twute Classroom ourselves, so can adapt it for any function that you require. We allow 3rd party access to our Twute service, or a full white-label solution.


Experienced in entrepreneurship, web development, education and research, the Transmission Education team are an all-star cast of talent from the University of Cambridge.

They first met studying science at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. Having pursued separate projects in the meantime, they have recently united to improve online education.

Peter McFarlane

Director & Co-founder

Peter, who splits his time between London and Shanghai, is an experienced educational entrepreneur and a fluent Mandarin speaker. He has an MSci in Physics and was President of Trinity College Students’ Union.

Dr Simon Smart

Director & Co-founder

Dr. Smart is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute in Munich, and has nine years’ experience as a software developer. In his research career, he has doubled the speed of his branch of computational chemistry.